About Us

  • SIBIN Ventures Pvt. Ltd. was registered in the pristine state of Sikkim. We strive towards always providing a process-driven consultative approach solution where the involvement of all stakeholders is of the utmost priority.
    Sibin Ventures Pvt. Ltd is the sister concern of Henosis Tech Pvt. Ltd. and Green Resorts India Pvt. Ltd. with experience in Education and Training, IT Solutions, Consultancy and Tourism & Hospitality with 24 years of experience.
    Today, we are a young team of technology agnostic enthusiasts, proficient in delivering quick and quality solutions based on frugal innovation where the user is always the center of all our solutions.


SCRUM and Agile Project Management

Project management is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. However, the challenge of every project in real-world is to achieve its goals with all constraints in mind.In today’s world Project management as a concept and its tools are well known to both businesses and governmental institutions. Project management is mainly used when you need to focus on specific project objectives that are beneficial to the organization. Some of the key elements of Project management are:-1. Goal setting:  They should mainly be set-up at the…

Consultancy –Approach & Methodology

A consultant is somebody who gives advice. A consultant is someone who has some level of expertise that some people find valuable, and for which they are willing to pay to access the expertise.Increasing today, consulting is becoming a broader industry incorporating roles such as management consultants, recruitment consultants, business advisors thus encompassing all aspects of an organization.So, Consultancy is a varied profession, with projects and clients changing constantly. This can be the beauty but also the challenge of the profession.The role of a consultant starts from the initial engagement with the client where both the parties agree on the…

Best Practices for user interface (UI) Design

User Interface (UI) Design is the link between users and the application. It includes the basic design elements that needed in order for someone to navigate through the application to make decisions.There is often only a short period of time to impress a visitor with valuable content on-screen, making it critical to fully optimize an interface for how users browse through applications. Whether the digital product is a website, application, or other type of user interface.UI Design is all about structure, communication & user manipulation and. This is one of the reasons it’s so important that you pay close attention…