education and training

SIBIN Ventures Education-Training-Consulting is centered on the “Empowerment of Education” to enhance the need for value-added educational services. We are one-stop “solution provider” in the Education Sector. With technology taking a center stage in improving the delivery system and overall quality of education, SIBIN Ventures is uniquely positioned. Our vast experience in delivering services for both educational and technology clients enable us to create a holistic solution for the advancement of human resource.

Data Driven
Technology Agnostic
Continuous Improvement
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Imparting training for different trade, occupation or vocation.

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Implementation of smart class, School management system, and integrated college management system. 

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Advisory Services

Provide data-driven decision support system to clients ranging from policymaking to implementation and monitoring.

What we offer?

We offer small, medium, and long-term quality and need-based training programs independently and in collaboration with various institutions and organizations. These programs and courses are designed and delivered keeping it in line with the latest educational trends and future needs.

We are engaged in the business of giving expert advice to people, organizations in a professional or technical field.

Our Clients

State: Sikkim

  • School Education, Education Department, Govt. of Sikkim
  • Samagra Shiksha, Education Department, Govt. of Sikkim
  • Higher Education,Education Department Govt. of Sikkim
  • National Skill Development Corporation
  • CRTI, IT Department, Govt. of Sikkim

State: Assam

  • Samagra Shiksha, Govt. of Assam
  • SCERT, Govt. of Assam
  • K R B College, Guwahati

State: West Bengal

  • Directorate of Vocational Education & Training, Govt. of West Bengal 

State: Tripura

  • Samagra Shiksha, School Education Department, Govt. of Tripura

State: Meghalaya

  • RMSA, School Education, Govt. of Meghalaya